The Entertainer

With unbridled passion for entertaining people with the utmost visual artistry and charismatic personas, Dr. Kairo captures his audience and transports them to another world of freedom, beauty, truth and love.

Since the age of 13 or so, Dr. Kairo has been performing professionally, yet even from an earlier start The Good Doctor was always delighting those around him with he’s charm and unique vision of life.

As we have been acquainted with Dr. Kairo’s ability to delight with the art of divination, i.e. Fortune Telling, to include Tarot Card Readings, Palm Readings, Tea Cup Leaf Readings, Hand Writing Analysis, etc. both for entertainment and more considerable purposes, Dr. Kairo has many crafts to amuse and enchant the public.

At a quick glance… a list of skills/talent displayable by Dr. Kairo himself;

Fortune Teller
Fire Performer
Living Statue
Freeze Model
Stilt Walker a la Dura/Dry Wall and/or Peg)
Four Legged Stilt Walker
Jumping Stilt Walker a.k.a. Spring Stilts, Kangaroo Stilts, Power Risers
Globe Walker/Ball Walker
Temporary Tattoo Artist a la Air-Brush, Rub On and/or Temporary Marker
Glitter Tattoos/Mehndi/Henna
Mehndi/Henna Artist
Bindi Artist
Hookah Host
Belly Dancer
Modern Dance
Make-Up Artist
Face Painting
Body Painting
Balloon Twisting
Light Juggling
Dance Ribbon
Prince Look-A-Like
Cher Look-A-Like
The Bohemian Revolution

And soon to be… legendary Vocalist

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